in-ear aviation headset ANR YUENY AH L2 vs bose proflight

in-ear aviation headset ANR YUENY AH L2 vs bose proflight One of the best in-ear aviation headset ANR in the world compare with bose proflight,super light weight

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in-ear aviation headset ANR YUENY AH L2 vs bose proflight

One of the best in-ear aviation headsets

ANR in the world!

Note Please:this item not suit for VERY NOISY airplanes,for very noisy airplanes we suggest use YUENY ANR AH-7000 or YUENY ANR AH-2888

2022 new version with extremely durable cable.The cable is made from tough,flexible TPE, with high-strength Kevlar reinforcement and shielding from external signal interference

If batteries low will still work as a in-ear aviation headset ANR
If batteries off will still work as a in-ear aviation headset PNR!
Dear Customers:Pay attention please!!
Due to Covid-19 all of our shipping agents stop accept the goods with batteries inside via express NOW 
So now we have no choice but should stop to offer the bluetooth adapter as a GIFT.
Thanks for your kind understand. 
If you want to add a bluetooth adapter you need to buy it seperately 
on this link and then we will send it via POST seperately.

YUENY aim at delivering maximum value to our customers for their investments and ensure that our clients get a high return on investment when they choose us!

Why SO LOTS of pilots love this headset-

in-ear aviation headset ANR YUENY AH L2

compare to Bose proflight

Please check this link 


Check in-ear aviation headset ANR YUENY AH L2


YUENY is proud to announce the arrival of our new in-ear ANR aviation headset, the ANR YUENY AH L2

The ANR YUENY AH L2 might be the best in-ear aviation headset ANR in the world,
and surprisingly it sells for a fraction of the cost of the “premium” brands.
You owe it to yourself to take a look.

Important NOTE:

We also have a right side boom microphone for this item.

If you need right-side boom please leave us a message for this 

in-ear aviation headset ANR YUENY AH L2 – Compare to or Better than Bose Proflight
It is the result of our R&D team years hard working and continuous improvements.

compare to Bose proflight

Very light in weight and comfortable – ONLY 175g in weight
Really great active noise canceling ANR function-The same Level with the famous brand

UFQ ANR aviation headset-3
UFQ ANR aviation headset-3

in-ear aviation headset ANR YUENY 

Super comfortable for long time wear, let you enjoy flying all the time
Use 2 x AA batteries, two new batteries can work more than 48 hours
Premium noise-canceling electret microphone guarantee crystal clear communication every time
Dual volume controls on the control box
MP3/Radio/iPod/iPad Compatible with link cable included
Always enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality for the music
Link cable for Cellphone or mp3 included.
With Mono/Stereo Switch 
Professional ANR aviation headset on the plane while Great ANC headsets for home use or traveling use. 
A good quality headset bag included for every headset. 
A Free good quality headset bag is included for each headset!
We have different connectors for this item 
1) GA twin plugs or Boing connector 
2) Helicopter U174/U single plug 
3) Airbus 5 pin XLR male 
4) Lemo 6 pin male 
Usually, GA twin plugs as default 
If you want another connector please leave us a message when you make the order

UFQ connectors

1) How to adjust the Headband
The headband does not need to fit tightly on the back of the headset
To make adjustments to the headbad. Hold the metal band in front of you and use both hands to apply equal pressure to expand or contract the size ad desired.

AH L1 in-ear type aviaiton headset metal band

2) How to adjust the Ear Loop
It is important that the ear loops feel comfortable when the headset is on
Hold the base of the loop and adjust the brackets’ openings to the desired shape for a comfortable, light fit.

Please enusre you are ont pulling the speaker wires
You won’t break your headset by making these adjustments

AH L1 in-ear type aviation headset EAR LOOP


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