ANR aviation headset

ANR aviation headsets, active noise reduction pilot headsets

Why choose YUENY ANR aviation headsets?

YUENY focus on develop and manufacture ANR aviation headsets for more than 18 years.

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Why choose ANR aviation headsets?

Rather than simply attempting to block annoying cockpit noise,
the heart of the ANR system creates an alternate electronic signal thats
feed back into the headset’s electronics to actually cancel out the unwanted sounds.
ANR headphones accomplish this using acoustical building blocks such as feedback
and the feed-forward loop system, digital or analog processing, and a full-feature driver/speaker.

ANR systems operate by using one or more microphones placed near the pilot’s ears either inside
or outside the headphones to accurately hear what the pilot does.
In a sound-feedback system, for example, that output is compared to the sound the pilot wants to hear,
usually radio communications or possibly music.
The cancellation signal created though amplification and filtering then builds the signal fed to the driver.
With just the right amount of filtering,
the result is noise cancellation that effectively reduces sound pressure on the ear.
Audio engineers say noise canceling “destructively interferes” with unwanted noise.

Pilots simply call it near-perfect quiet, until an important sound is detected and crisply delivered to the ears.

The best ANR units focus on more than just the electronics of quietness,
and they employ headbands designed with soft contoured foam pads to minimize pressures on the head
—because ANR headsets are a one-size-fits-all creation.
The best ANR headsets also offer adjustment of the feedback level
to customize the near-perfect blend of control over what the pilot eventually hears.

ANR aviation headsets, active noise reduction pilot headsets

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